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Stellarium – Your Personal Planetarium

📅 March 12, 2013
Are you an aspiring astronomer seeking greater knowledge of the heavens? Would you enjoy a quality software program that helps you locate celestial objects and provides information about them? If so, then Stellarium might become your next best friend.

Stellarium is a high-quality, open source program that acts as your personal planetarium. Packed with star facts and a slick, custom GUI, Stellarium is one of the best companions available for understanding the wonders of the night sky.

I have been using this program for a number of years, and it has served me well. Here are a few notes about my Stellarium explorations.


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Trivia: A line of computers you can “bet your company on”

The slogan “you bet your company” on this line of computers refers to what series of computers introduced by IBM in April, 1964?

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