Trivia: A line of computers you can “bet your company on”

The slogan “you bet your company” on this line of computers refers to what series of computers introduced by IBM in April, 1964?



The phrase was first used in Fortune magazine to describe the System/360. This was a series of mainframes designed to support the “full circle” of computing (as in 360 degrees), and a large variety of supporting hardware was available. Originally, there were six models in the System/360 product line to choose from. The key point, however, was that programs written for one model would run on another model. This was a smart strategy for its time that saved the customer money — a customer could begin with a low-cost model and then later upgrade to a more expensive and more powerful model while using the same software. As a result, the System/360 was highly successful.

Source: A History of Modern Computing by Paul E. Ceruzzi



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