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Ubuntu 12.04 and the Aspire One 722

Ubuntu 12.04 is released! Does it run on the Acer Aspire One 722 netbook?

The Acer Aspire One 722 is a fine netbook, but it requires love, coaxing, and copious amounts of patience to produce a Linux system.

In addition, anyone who has attempted this endeavor is well aware of the wireless adapter issue, system lockups, suspend issues, and other quirks that often require hacks to resolve.

Good news! Ubuntu 12.04 installs and performs brilliantly on the Aspire One 722, and almost(*) all hardware issues are fixed. Once again, Ubuntu 12.04 shows why it remains one of the more popular Linux distributions.

*Update: It seems that the internal microphone and the external microphone both record, but recordings are too faint to be usable. Entering alsamixer in a terminal will offer more control over the audio devices than Ubuntu’s Sound Preferences, but recording levels are still too low.

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