Gem Drop X – Failed Software Notes

Recording failures is often as important as noting successes in order to avoid repeated mistakes and for future reference. This is one such example of failed software.

Browsing through the Ubuntu Software Repository revealed yet another gem dropping video game that appeared to be worth trying out for fun. It’s called Gem Drop X.

Curious to try it out, I installed and ran the game, but nothing happened. The black screen only displayed the word patience. “Not a problem,” I thought, so I waited. And waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and…

Nothing was happening. The game window continually displayed the word “patience…” no matter how long I waited. Neither would the program close by clicking the window’s close button, so something was wrong.

Checking the System Monitor showed the gemdropx process running and maxing out the processors at 100%. Not good. Gem Drop X was showing signs of a rogue process and needed to be killed, so I highlighted the process in System Monitor ad clicked the End Process button.

No effect. Gem Drop X continued to run. No matter how many times I clicked the End Process button. Time for more drastic measures.

Opening a terminal, I located the gemdropx process id (PID) and compared it with the PID in System Monitor to make sure I found the correct PID (no need to accidentally kill a good process). The PID was 2797 for this instance.

Then, I entered, kill 2797, but nothing happened. Gem Drop X refused to die and taunted me with the “patience…” message.

This is getting ugly, so I summoned Ye Olde Reliable Executioner by entering the command kill -9 2797. That did the trick. Gem Drop X was quickly obliterated while the rest of the Linux system continued to run uninterrupted–a testament to the stability of Linux.
Gem Drop X might have been an accident, so I tried running it again only to encounter the same stubborn response and issuing the same kill signal. The rest of Linux kept on ticking as if nothing happened.


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