LibreOffice – An Excellent, Cross-Platform Office Suite

LibreOffice contains a fantastic suite of office applications available as free open source software for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Installation is hassle-free, and the resulting files produced by LibreOffice are often compatible with other office applications.





LibreOffice consists of six separate applications:

Base Database
Calc Spreadsheet
Draw Drawing
Impress Presentation creator
Math Equation editor
Writer Writer

LibreOffice Writer ready to record thoughts of brilliance.

There is even a software development kit (SDK) available for creating extensions.

The cross-platform aspect is a time-saver since it eliminates the need to learn different office suites across different platforms. If you know how to use LibreOffice on Linux, then you can easily adapt to LibreOffice on a Mac or Windows. LibreOffice does not lock users into using a specific office suite or proprietary file format, so users experience a level of document freedom not found with other office application products.

LibreOffice is compatible with Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit as well as the latest distributions, and it requires manual installation using easy-to-follow instructions.

Exploring the world of LibreOffice and learning to use it well is a voluminous subject, so please see the LibreOffice web site for further details.



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