Fun Password Generation Using Rory’s Story Cubes

📅 November 20, 2013
P1180691Stumped when trying to think of a new password? The prose might flow during moments of verbal elucidation, but when prompted to devise a password for a new account, file, or user, the mind will often have a mind of its own as the eyes stare at the screen trying to think of a memorable shibboleth.

During these moments, it is often helpful to have something — hopefully fun — on hand that can break the ice and coax the creative mental juices into flowing again.

One fun technique is to use Rory’s Story Cubesby GameWright to inspire creativity when devising new passwords and passphrases.

What Are Rory’s Story Cubes?

Rory’s Story Cubes is a set of nine dice per package that contains pictures instead of numbers.


Shown here is the blue Actions set of story cubes. Two other sets are available for a total of 27 dice.

Each pictograph depicts a certain action or scenario. It’s a game. Roll the dice, and then use your creativity to tell a story from the pictures that appear. A multitude of random combinations are possible, and when combined with your imagination, this produces almost limitless scenarios. Plus, it’s fun!


The dice pack neatly inside a velvety-smooth cardboard case that snaps shut with magnets. Great for travel or pocket storage.

There are three different Rory’s Story Cubes sets available (Original, Actions, and Voyages), or they can be purchased together as a complete set. The dice feel solid and substantial in the hand, and they come packaged in a custom dice box whose lid fastens shut with magnets. A quality product.

Password Generation

How can this be applied to password and passphrase generation? Simply select three dice, roll them, and then assign a word to each picture that appears. Combine the words to form the passphrase.

Here is a more formal procedure:

1) Select three Rory’s story dice at random.
2) Shout “WAHOO!” as loudly as possible while rolling the dice.
3) In the order of dice from left to right, assign a word that relates to each shown die image. Only your vocabulary and imagination are the limits.
4) Combine the words into a memorable sentence. This is your passphrase.

Let’s see a few examples.


Three dice chosen at random and rolled produced this result. From left to right, we could assign the words “music,” “knock,” and “return” to the pictographs to produce the passphrase musicknockreturn. Or themusicknockereturns. Maybe capitalize each word using camel-case notation: TheMusicKnockerReturns.


FightingKickJumper. We could also space the words to produce Fighting Kick Jumper to combine upper case and spaces in the passphrase. How about placing special characters between the words: Fighting+Kick+Jumper. Or using underscore characters: fighting_kick_jumper.

Of course, feel free to include more dice for longer passwords.


Four dice for more possibilities and longer passphrases.

What could we create with four dice?

  • friendlywallpusherliftedmusic
  • PushedFriendsHungTunes
  • GruntPointsWeightsOnEars
  • hanging+friends+push+classics

For added security, try adding spaces between words or replace characters with equivalents, such as $ for S.

  • hanging+friends+push+classics


  • hanging+friend$+pu$h+cla$$ic$

Try capitalizing the first letter for each word in the passphrase.

  • Hanging+Friend$+Pu$h+Cla$$ic$

Try subjoining the number of dice rolled at the end of the sentence and repeating that number the same number of times.

  • Hanging+Friend$+Pu$h+Cla$$ic$4444
  • friendlywallpusherliftedmusic4444

The possibilities are endless. It all depends upon how complicated you wish to make your passphrase.


Five dice for even more possibilities.

  • DreamingGoldDiggerCriedWhenThrowingFrisbee
  • buried-treasure-and-the-attacking-alarm-clock
  • tossedclocksmakegolddiggerscry
  • CoinCountingBallPlayerDreamsOfShovels
  • buryingcorpsesturnsaprofitbutnoisyalarmclockshurtthumbsbeforeplayingcatch55555
  • TheRichCryingGravediggerSleepsLateBeforeBallgames
  • H0wCanIP0$$iblyRememberThi$Pa$$w0rd?????

Use your imagination…


Will this process create the unbreakable code? Probably not, but it is certainly fun and it helps stimulate ideas. In a way, this is similar to Diceware, but with pictures instead of numbers and a lookup table. Give it a try. It’s an inexpensive investment that leads to unexpectedly creative and enjoyable ideas.


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