How to Disable the Crash Report Dialog in Ubuntu 13.10

apportUbuntu 13.10 (and Xubuntu 13.10) will often display a crash report dialog when something goes awry. Sometimes crashes are major and require assistance, but most of the time they tend to be insignificant (check the crash details) and the system continues to function fine despite their occurrence.

However, the crash report dialog still appears, and this can be annoying. Is there any way to suppress the dialogs? Yes, there is!

Crash reporting is handled by the apport process, which is installed by default in Ubuntu 13.10. To turn off crash reporting, and thus suppress the dialog, we need to edit its configuration file, so perform the following in a terminal.

Step 1

sudo gedit /etc/default/apport

Step 2

Change the line enabled=1 to enabled=0 to turn off crash reporting.

The provided comments in the apport file assist with instructions.


/etc/default/apport. Here, enabled has been set to 0, which turns off crash reporting when the system boots.

Step 3

sudo service apport stop

Editing the configuration file affects the next boot, so apport will still be running. To turn it off for the current session, stop the service.
Keep in mind that disabling apport does not fix the underlying issue that might have caused the crash to begin with. But for insignificant idiosyncrasies that have no effect on system operation, this is a simple way to disable the crash report dialogs.


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