Broken MS Pro Duo Micro SD Adapter – An Internal Look

πŸ“… December 5, 2014
broken_duo3The MS Pro Duo Adapter is a handy device that allows two micro SD cards to be used together as a single Memory Stick Pro Duo card for Sony devices.

However, it is flimsy and must be handled with extreme delicacy lest it succumb to…well..whatever it is that cheap-quality electronics succumb to.

One MS Pro Duo adapter that I purchased new quickly succumbed to electronic death despite my careful handling after two months. Since its next destination would be the dark depths of the garbage disposal, why not have a peek inside?

If you have ever spent countless hours pondering its internal mysteries, then ponder no longer. Here is a picture…



Top View


Bottom View

Erratic behavior alerted me to a faulty adapter. It turns out that the bottom of the black adapter case had a tiny crack that prevented the second micro SD card from making proper contact. This resulted in system hangs and incomplete reads and writes. No idea how it became cracked.

The micro SD cards were fine. All I had to do was insert them in the proper order into a new adapter, and the data would read and write again.

While every other adapter I use continues to perform flawlessly more than a year later, this adapter has earned a new home elsewhere.


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