Format btrfs in GParted

📅 March 9, 2015
btfs01Btrfs shows promise as reliable Linux file system capable of handling large storage volumes (up to 16 exabytes), but how do you format a hard drive with it?

If we open GParted, for example, the btrfs option is grayed out.


GParted in Linux Mint 17.1. Here, I want to format a 250 GB hard drive with the btrfs file system, but the btrfs option is unavailable.

The answer is to install the btrfs-tools package from the repository. In this case of Linux Mint 17.1, btrfs is not installed by default, so GParted shows the btrfs option as grayed out.


Synaptic showing btrfs-tools marked for installation.

Will Linux Mint 17.1 mount a btrfs-formatted partition without btrfs-tools? From my tests, yes. But btrfs-tools is required in order to format a btrfs file system.

Once btrfs-tools is installed, the btrfs option will be selectable in GParted.


Now, Gparted allows the btrfs option for formatting.


The partition has been formatted with the btrfs file system, and it is ready for use. GParted color-codes file systems for easier recognition, and btrfs is represented with a light orange color.

And then, the btrfs volume will be usable like any other file system in Linux.


Nemo in Linux Mint 17.1 shows the available space on the freshly formatted btrfs partition.



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