Test Your Typing Prowess with Typespeed

đź“… April 9, 2015
ts00bHow fast can you type?

Curious to find out? Then, why not test yourself using the Linux program typespeed, a fun terminal-based game that scrolls words across the screen giving you the opportunity to type them correctly before you miss too many.


Typespeed is free in the Ubuntu repository. Use Synaptic or the command line to install it.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install typespeed

Then, enter typespeed at the command prompt to begin.



Typespeed is simple, self-explanatory, and includes a menu-guided interface. Select option 1 “Test Your Speed” to begin.

Words will scroll horizontally across the terminal from left to right. You must type them correctly in order to make them disappear before they reach the right side of the screen and count as misses.


Can you type fast enough to make the words disappear and score points? Green words are new, yellow words are close to the danger zone, and red words will expire as misses if you fail to type them correctly before they leave the screen.

At first, a few simple words appear, but typespeed increases the number of words and their scrolling speed as the program adapts to your typing. If you miss ten words, then the game is over and your results are shown.


Pencil? The clever rank naming is fun to read following a round of typespeed.

You can select a variety of word lists to practice with, such as English words or UNIX commands. The list you select will determine which words appear.


UNIX/Linux commands fill the screen.

A high-score system keeps track of your scores and applies encouraging epithets.


Average? NoGood? Learner? According to typespeed, it appears that practice is needed.


If the defaults are not to your liking, you can modify the game rules.


Typespeed’s manual is extremely simple to understand. If you fail to comprehend this, then…

Network Play

Typespeed is excellent as it is, but to improve a good idea, a network mode is included! This allows you and a friend to compete over a network to prove who is the superior typist. One player starts the typespeed server, and the other player connects as a client.

Both players receive the same words. Whoever exhibits the best typing skills wins.


Two players are competing head to head over a LAN. Here, both players are practicing with the UNIX commands. Notice that both players are given the same words.

Results are displayed for both players to facilitate gloating.


Who rules? Who drools? Results are displayed following a network competition.

Typespeed is fun! This is the type of program that executes a simple concept well, so those seeking to practice typing should be happy.



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