bmon – A Terminal Bandwidth Monitor

πŸ“… May 8, 2015
bmon3For those who enjoy terminal-based network monitoring, Linux provides yet another useful program, called bmon, that monitors bandwidth for network interfaces and estimates transfer rates in real time.

bmon is available from the Ubuntu repository and can be installed using Synaptic or the command line.

sudo apt-get install bmon

Usage is simple. Type bmon and there you go!


bmon monitoring the loopback interface, lo. Much useful information is available, such as receive/transmit speeds, a live ASCII graph, and MAC addresses .

Pressing the i and d keys as instructed will provide additional information, but you will need to resize the terminal to see them. Pressing the arrow keys up and down allows you to select which interface to monitor.


bmon monitoring a link aggregation interface named bond0.

The question mark, Shift+?, shows a popup help dialog.


bmon’s built-in help.

Overall, bmon provides a number of views and customizations for flexibility. Plus, there is no need for sudo. Consulting man bmon reveals many additional options, so explore and have fun!


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