Watch Star Wars as ASCII Art in a Terminal

📅 November 24, 2015
sw01From 20th Century Text comes…Star Wars in your Linux terminal!

Have nothing better to do? Do you enjoy ASCII art?

If you answered “Yes!” (with or without an exclamation mark) to either of those questions, then you might want to try out this novel ASCII art creation that plays Star Wars Episode IV in a terminal.

Playback is easy, but it does require an Internet connection because you must use telnet in a terminal. Open a terminal and enter,


Then, sit back and waste time! Keep in mind that this is not a streaming movie or anything of the sort. It is a recreation of scenes made in ASCII art. Talk about geeky!


ASCII text is animated.


The title screen.


Aaah…the scrolling text!


It’s showtime! Yes, the rest of the movie looks like this. Who needs HD video when we have ASCII?

If you want color, try piping the output to lolcat for fun.

telnet | lolcat

However, this makes the result useless by the constant scrolling, but the text is pretty.


The added codes produced by lolcat ruin the ASCII art experience by causing the movie to scroll constantly.

The authors apparently have a love for the movie considering the time and effort that was taken in recreating the scenes.

This ASCII animation has been around for quite some time. You can even watch it and other projects in a web browser by visiting the web site.


ASCIIMATION web site where you can watch the same ASCII animation in a web browser. Other ASCII projects are available for viewing, but that’s too easy.

Have fun!



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