co2CREA Portable Hard Drive Case

πŸ“… June 30, 2016

case01So, you have a portable hard drive, such as the Seagate Ultra Slim+, and you want to protect it from possible mishaps? It sounds like you need a small hard drive carry case!

Many portable hard drive cases flood the market, so I took a chance with the co2CREA travel case for its hard, aluminum shell. It is a worthy purchase?

First of all, there was no real reason to select this particular case other than local shipping. It appears that many different manufacturers offer the same case but with different logos. It was inexpensive and had what I wanted, so why not? There are few in-depth reviews regarding cheap cases like this, so I bought it on faith. As it turns out, this is actually a good travel case that holds one portable USB hard drive (or two Seagate Ultra Slim+ drives).


The case arrives in a plastic bag. There is no other packaging. Nothing says, “Greetings from China!” moreΒ than packaging like this.


Freed from the plastic bag, the case sports a hard shell top and bottom. While it is supposed to be aluminum, I cannot tell for certain. However, it is some type of thin metal.


Unzipped and open. The interior feels soft to the touch. One deciding factor for this case was the dual elastic bands that secure the hard drive. Most cases only have one band across the center. With two bands at the ends, small drives have no choice but to stay put. The padding is sufficiently soft and should protect a hard drive from medium bumps, drops, and crushes. The net is used for storing extras — USB cable, USB stick, memory cards, or whatnot.


A strap is also included, but the hook is made of loose plastic that fails to stay in place. Sure, you can carry the case by this strap, but that is probably all you will be holding once you arrive at your destination.


The Seagate Ultra Slim+ fits snugly inside the case. In fact, two Ultra slims are possible if you wish to stack them. A short USB 3.0 cable is tucked inside the netting. This is a convenient feature to have for packing the drive with any cables needed to connect it.


This Silicon Power A80 drive is too large to fit inside the co2CREA. The case will not close properly. You can force it to zip shut, but you will need to wrestle with the zipper.


Trying to close the case around the Silicon Power A80 for added protection.


The Weme external USB enclosure fits well inside, but, due to the enclosure’s height, it makes for a tighter fit than the Seagate Ultra Slim+.


For best results, use a hard drive that allows the case to close naturally so you can zip it easily. Notice that the case is not entirely metal. The top and bottom have metal plates, but the middle consists of cloth and a zipper. There is some “give” when pressing the two halves together, so if enough pressure is applied — such as driving a truck over this case — then the hard drive might be crushed.

Overall, I am pleased with this portable hard drive case. It is small, inexpensive, and has an excellent interior of softness. So far, the build quality is holding up well. It has been dropped a few times already (from table height) without any damage to the drive contained within at the time of drop.

If you are looking for a new case, then this is worth considering.







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