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A Few Notes About Linux Mint 18 Themes

📅 July 18, 2016
breezeThe Linux Mint desktop looks good, but can I customize it?

Yes! One of the best aspects of Linux is its limitless tweaking and customization where the only limit is your own imagination.

In Linux Mint 18, you can easily change the window borders, icons, controls, mouse pointer, and Cinnamon desktop panel from the Themes dialog of System Settings.

By downloading various new themes and icon packs, you can make the Mint desktop look however you want. Do you prefer a gaudy dark-green alien interface? How about a sleek, white, minimalist desktop that screams space-age future? Craving the user interface of days gone by? You can even alter Mint to the point where it looks like any other operating system available and fool unsuspecting users.

Here are a few notes about Linux Mint 18 themes.

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