Fixing Archive Manager’s Parsing Filters is Unsupported Message

πŸ“… August 23, 2016
Have you seen this error message before?


“Parsing filters is unsupported.” Appears while using Archive Manager to extract RAR files.

When installing a fresh Linux distribution on a new system, it is sometimes easy to assume that some software has been installed by default after becoming accustomed to using Linux on a reliable system that has had the software present for a long time.

One such example is Archive Manager. It will not extract all file formats by default until you install extra packages that give it that ability. RAR is one case. By default, Archive Manager will extract a few basic formats, such as ZIP, but not RAR.

We need to install additional software so other file formats can be extracted.

What makes this error perplexing is that you might be able to extract files by dragging and dropping them from the archive individually but not as a group from the context menu.

The Solution

Install unrar.

sudo apt-get install unrar

This can also be accomplished from Software Manager.


Software Manager in Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon showing that unrar has been installed.

Even though unrar is a standalone terminal program, it resolved this issue for me. No reboot was required. RAR files now extract as a group from the context menu.



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