Xubuntu 16.10 Runs Well in VirtualBox

📅 November 9, 2016
xu03The 16.10 versions of Ubuntu and its derivatives were released last month.

Xubuntu 16.10 is available for download, and, after trying it out with VirtualBox, I can say that it runs well and continues its tradition of familiarity and stability combined with a responsive user interface.


Xubuntu 16.10 sports a “lighter” default desktop look and feel. Installed on a Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64-bit host.


Installation in VirtualBox is simple to understand (as always), quick, and works perfectly. I had no issues.


Following the required reboot after installation, this refreshing desktop will greet you. The beauty of the XFCE desktop environment is that its lightweight design reduces overhead and makes Xubuntu run fast and snappy in a virtual machine. Shown here is the 64-bit version of Xubuntu 16.10 utilizing an AMD A10 APU host system.

As an extra bonus, Xubuntu 16.10 installs with Linux kernel 4.8.0-22-generic. On the 13 GB virtual disk image used for this example, a fresh Xubuntu 16.10 installation utilizes about 3.46 GB of hard drive space for the operating system.


GParted running in a virtual Xubuntu 16.10 64-bit installation shows that Xubuntu only consumes 3.64 GB for a fresh installation.

The Xubuntu makers have once again provided a fine Xubuntu distribution. The system will be familiar to those already accustomed to XFCE . A few changes can be seen, such as default wallpapers (which look good), but the system remains the same and never gets in the way of allowing users to user the computer. A major bonus is the updated software.

Xubuntu 16.10 is another worthy release that does what it is supposed to do and does it well. Definitely recommended.


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