Play a Terminal Game with Cavez of Phear

📅 November 19, 2016
cavez2CAVEZ of PHEAR is an arcade-style game that runs inside a terminal. The gameplay is similar to Boulder Dash — actually, it is a Boulder Dash clone — where you must collect all diamonds from a maze while avoiding a squishy demise if excavating beneath boulders.

The best part? The game is made entirely in ASCII!

The game is available in the Ubuntu repository. Simply install cavezofphear from the command line or from Synaptic. To run it, expand your terminal window to at least 80×25, and then enter phear.


CAVEZ of PHEAR title screen taunts you to play.


First maze. You, the player, are represented by the uppercase letter Z starting in the upper left corner. The O characters are boulders, and the yellow * characters are the diamonds that you must collect. Use the arrow keys to move around.


Level 2. Collect all diamonds in a level to proceed to the next. If you are ever stuck, press k to kill yourself and restart the level. To quit the game, press q.


Oops! Game over.

This is a fun distraction that is easy to get into, and the ASCII art makes it all the more attractive.



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