Enjoy a Math-based Tiling Puzzle Game with 2048 Game

πŸ“… November 23, 2016
cover2048 Game is a seemingly simple shift-the-tile game that can take some skill and practice to complete. The goal is easy: Shift the tiles until you produce a tile with the number 2048.

Installation and Play

Install the package 2048-qt from the repository using Synaptic or the command line, and then run 2048-Qt from the Linux Mint Games menu or the command line (2048-qt). You will be presented with a new game containing two tiles with a value of 2.


A new game ready to test your patience and mental skill.

Press the arrow keys to shift the tiles up, down, left, or right. Two adjacent tiles of the same value will join to form a single tile to the next power of 2. For example,

  • Two “2” tiles will merge into a single “4” tile.
  • Two “4” tiles merge into a single “8” tile.
  • Two “8” tiles merge into a single “16” tile.
  • …and so on.

Do this until you obtain a single “2048” tile. It is good practice for those learning base 2 progression (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256,…).

Sounds easy, right? The trick is sliding the tiles in a way so that they can be merged together. As the tiles are shifted, new “2” tiles are added to the board so you never run out of tiles. However, while it is easy to form low numbered tiles, the higher numbered tiles are more challenging. This is where planning is valuable.


A game in progress. The game records your score as you merge tiles together.


Another game in progress.


The game is not infinite! If tiles reach a point where they cannot be merged anymore and you become stuck, then the game is over.

One downside encountered is that the game freezes after taking a screenshot. It must be closed, and a new game must be started. Other than that, the Qt interface is well done with smooth sliding effects for the tiles and score fonts.

Looking for a little diversion on your Linux system? Why not give 2048 Game a try?


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