Mesmerize Yourself with ASCII Art Juggling

đź“… November 27, 2016
aajm1Here is another entry in the totally-useless-but-fun-to-distract-yourself-with category of programs for Linux that make Linux fun.

The ASCII art jugglemaster (aajm) program shows a man juggling balls in a terminal using ASCII art.

The program is available for free from the repository, so you must install it first. Look for aajm in Synaptic or use sudo apt-get install aajm. One installed, open a terminal and enter aajm by itself to view the default juggling act. Command line arguments are also possible. Check the man page for aajm for details.


ASCII art jugglemaster in operation. The default shows the man juggling three light-colored balls.


Press h to view the help options. You can pause, increase/decrease the juggling speed, and alter the style for varying juggle patterns (there are a few to choose from).


Press t to show the style menu where you can choose different juggling styles. Press the number 1-7 of the style you want, and then press Enter to resume juggling.


Mr. ASCII is now juggling with the fancy Windmill style.


…and again here with the Shower style. Still screenshots like this all look alike. aajm is best viewed in action.



For truly fancy feats of juggling, use siteswap! Press s, and Mr. ASCII will pause. Enter a siteswap value (555 in this case), press Enter, and he will juggle with more balls and different patterns.

“What is siteswap?”

Siteswap is a juggling term that refers to varying juggle patterns. There is more than one way to juggle a set of balls, and siteswap is a way of defining the various methods.

For detailed information about siteswap patterns, read the siteswap FAQ, which is the same page recommended by the aajm man page.

In section 6 on the FAQ, you can enter any of the example sequences for the siteswap.


Using siteswap pattern 17170170 and three balls.


You can also combine siteswap patterns with juggling styles. Here, Mr. ASCII is using the 17170170 siteswap pattern with the Mills Mess juggling style.


Another combination technique: Siteswap pattern 642 with the Shower style.

Whether for fun or for juggling practice, ASCII art jugglemaster will keep you entertained inside a terminal if you enjoy tweaking and wondering, “What happens if I try this?”

Have fun!



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