GUI Juggling with JuggleMaster Deluxe

📅 December 2, 2016
jmdlx1What? ASCII art leaves you wanting more? Then, why not have a look at JuggleMaster Deluxe?

aajm is a program that lets you watch a man juggle balls using ASCII art. You can adjust speed and styles and more.

Here is a related program that achieves the same effect but using a GUI. With JuggleMaster Deluxe, you can watch smooth juggling animations with colored balls to mesmerize yourself or to learn how to juggle.

JuggleMaster Deluxe is free and available in the Ubuntu repository. Search for jmdlx and install it using Synaptic or the command line. Then, run jmdlx in a terminal and be prepared to be amazed, wowed, and wondered.


JuggleMaster Deluxe shows a man juggling three red balls by default.


You can switch to multi-colored balls in order to help follow the ball placement.

The main menu at the top of the GUI contains the options needed to control the program. Just like aajm, you can select juggling styles, patterns, and siteswaps.


A number of options allow you to adjust styles and ball count.

The features offered are more than mere entertainment. If you are serious about learning how to juggle, then this program is invaluable because you can slow down the speed to see hand placement and technique.

Have fun!


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