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Hide Text in Text Files Using stegsnow

📅 December 14, 2016
coverSteganography is the practice (or art) of hiding secret messages in plain view.

Take an image file of a flower, for example. Opening the file shows a flower. Whoopie. However, there might be a hidden message encoded inside the bits and bytes of the image data that is not visible unless certain software is used to decode it.

The same can apply to text files. You could write an innocent readme.txt file that looks like any other text file of instructions when opened normally. With steganography, you could encode a secret message within readme.txt that includes game cheat codes, secret contact information, a cookie recipe, ASCII art, or whatever else you wish to convey to your accomplice who receives the file.

stegsnow is a fun command line program that encodes secret messages in ASCII text files. Use stegsnow to encode a text file with a hidden message, and then use stegsnow again to extract the message from the file. The file’s text contents are not altered, so the file reads the same as it did before encoding. Anyone unaware would open the text file and see the innocent text contents in a standard text editor, but “those who know” would run the file with stegsnow to see a completely different message.

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