Are You Smarter Than Chess for Linux?

📅 December 29, 2016
chess07The classic, time-tested game of pure skill called chess is available for Linux, and it is called…Chess.

Chess games are plentiful on many different platforms, and this is one version that is available for Linux. It features a GUI, simple pieces, and simple play mechanics.

Available for free from the repository, use Synaptic or Software to install it.


Software after Chess has been installed in Linux Mint 18.1.


Chess ready to play!

The GUI is well organized and contains a number of features. For example, you can save and load a game in order to continue at a later date. As you play, moves are recorded. The navigation buttons allow you to step through moves so you can redo mistakes and make your opponent redo as well. This is useful for experimenting with different strategies.


This version allows you to switch between two different piece styles. There is the Simple style shown above, and the Fancy style shown here.


A game in progress. The player’s turn is shown in the title bar. Here, it is White’s turn to play. Also, the chess board scales to the size of the window.


About dialog to shown that, yes, this game is named Chess – A classic game of positional strategy.


Chess preferences allow you to customize the game.

By default, the game pits you, the human player, against a computerized opponent named HoiChess, but two players can compete against each other as well. Preferences allow further customization, such as the Black side on the bottom, difficulty level, clock type (Simple, Fischer, or Bronstein), and Move Formats (located under the Appearance tab).

Not certain about how challenging the game might be for professional Chess players, but overall, this version of Chess is well made and worth giving a try.


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