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RapidDisk – Improved Hard Drive Caching

📅 February 14, 2017
coverDo you have some extra RAM in your system?

Want better read speeds from slower mechanical hard drives?

How about adding a RAM drive to your system?


RapidDisk is an open source tool for Linux that enables you to create RAM disks for general purpose usage or use them as caching systems for existing hard drives.

I have been using RapidDisk myself on desktop systems, and I can say that it greatly improves the read performance of slow hard drives whether they be single drives or RAID arrays. You can even set up a RapidDisk RAM cache for a USB device. RAM disks are surpringly useful despite being volatile. Best of all, RapidDisk is free to obtain and simple to use after a little reading.

Here is how to use RapidDisk in Linux Mint 18.1 in a simple configuration so you can experience faster read speeds from your hard drives.

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