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Pop the Bubbles with Frozen Bubble

coverLinux has its own Puzzle Bobble clone!

Popping bubbles is fun. Match three bubbles of the same color, and *pop* watch them fall.

It seems every platform has some variation of this intriguing concept, and so does Linux with a game called Frozen-Bubble.

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Run Windows93 in Linux!

๐Ÿ“… October 3, 2017
Windows Ninety-WHAT?

Do you idle your time away watching pointless cat videos on YouTube like most netizens?

Yes? Really?

Then, why not idle your time away while reminiscing the “good ol’ computing days” with the one and only Windows93 operating system?

“Windows93? Never heard of it. Is this a joke?”

Nope. It really exists.

“Which? The joke or Windows93?”


And the best part…it works in Linux!

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