Run Windows93 in Linux!

📅 October 3, 2017
Windows Ninety-WHAT?

Do you idle your time away watching pointless cat videos on YouTube like most netizens?

Yes? Really?

Then, why not idle your time away while reminiscing the “good ol’ computing days” with the one and only Windows93 operating system?

“Windows93? Never heard of it. Is this a joke?”

Nope. It really exists.

“Which? The joke or Windows93?”


And the best part…it works in Linux!

Windows93 is a spoof operating system that runs in a browser. No installation necessary. To view it in action, visit, and prepare for some silliness.

Upon “booting” you will be greeting with some POST lines and a loading animation.

The Windows93 desktop. Yes, it is fully interactive. Drag icons. Double-click to open them. There is even a Start menu with which you can interact.

Clicking icons opens their associated programs. Here is POTATO.AVI, Acid Box 93, and What If.

Games are included! Shown here is the excellent Progress Quest and a text game called Robby.

Don’t like a clean desktop? Then, add some graphics filters by running FX.

A web browser! However, be prepared for some spoofs and silliness. All of the popups were created using Hydra…Close one and two more pop up.

Oops! Just clicked the icon that promised it was not a virus.

No Windows system would be complete without the Dancing Hamster page looping in the background. Oh…ignore the pink X’s. The hard drive is defragmenting.

You can open My Computer to browse the file system. Nothing is more fun than snooping through other people’s files. You never know what silliness you will find.

NOTE: Keep in mind that Windows93 is riddled with computing jokes, memes, and content that you might not want to show your grandmother…or stoic millennial snowflakes.


Welcome to the future of computing! Waste time! Be more unproductive! Get the Premium Edition!

With Windows93, you will appreciate Linux more than ever and be thankful that those bygone days are over.

Using clever creativity, this is a fun way to play pranks on unsuspecting Windows users. There is even a VirtualPC so you can run Windows93 within Windows93. WOW! Best of all, Windows93 runs in Linux, so there is no harm to your system.

So, open your favorite browser, lighten up, tinker around, and have fun!


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