Pop the Bubbles with Frozen Bubble

coverLinux has its own Puzzle Bobble clone!

Popping bubbles is fun. Match three bubbles of the same color, and *pop* watch them fall.

It seems every platform has some variation of this intriguing concept, and so does Linux with a game called Frozen-Bubble.


Frozen-bubble is available for free from the repository. In Linux Mint 18.2, open the Software Manager Games category, and search for bubble.

Frozen-bubble found in the Linux Mint Software Manager.

You can also install it from Synaptic. Search for frozen-bubble.

The Game

Frozen-bubble in incredibly simple, but enjoyable. Move the cannon left and right using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard, and press the up arrow key to fire.

Frozen-Bubble boasts 100 levels.

It’s Linux, so Frozen-Bubble features a penguin theme. Shown here is the main menu. You can play a single-player game or go for two-player and LAN games.

Clear a level and you progress to the next.

Hurry! Take too long and the bubble will fire automatically.

If 100 included levels are not enough, the level editor allows you to design your own levels.

Full-screen mode did not work, but the game still played well from within a window. Gameplay was smooth and responsive. No issues encountered.

Need a quick distraction when using Linux? Try Frozen-Bubble, and have fun!



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