Guess the Number with 4digits

๐Ÿ“… June 8, 2018
Need a mental diversion?

Try 4digits – a simple guessing game in which you must guess the 4-digit number in eight tries.


4digits is available for free from the Ubuntu repository. Simply install and go.

sudo apt install 4digits && 4digits


Playing the Game

Upon start, you are greeted with this window.

Guess the secret 4-digit number (random each game) by entering what you think it might be.

The Result column provides feedback about guesses. If a number and its position are both correct, then 1A, 2A, or 3A will return for one, two, or three correct numbers. If only the value is correct but not its position, then 1B, 2B, 3B, or 4B will return. So, in the fifth try above, 0A1B means that somewhere in the guess 8234 one number is correct, but it is located in the wrong location.

For the number 1690 (fourth guess), 0A2B means that two of the four numbers are correct, but both are in the wrong position. The 0A means that no values and positions are correct.

Guess the correct number and you win!

The total time elapsed is shown is shown in the lower right corner. For 8307, it took 136 seconds of guessing and logical deduction. The result 4A0B means all numbers were guessed correctly and in their correct locations.


There is actually a web site devoted to this game that provides more play information. Worth looking into.

About dialog.



There are a few more features, such a hint table and a high score list, so play, experiment, and have fun!


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