How Long Can You Survive A7Xpg?

📅 February 13, 2019
Need a quick game on Linux? Try…get ready for this name…A7Xpg!


The goal of A7Xpg is to collect the yellow-colored pellets (called bullions) in each stage while at the same time avoiding the enemies that chase you and seek your demise.

A7Xpg Stage 1. Get ready to avoid destruction! Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your spaceship in all directions.

The longer you survive and the more bullions you collect, the higher your score.

Your score is tallied upon completing a level, and then it is on to the next stage!

The graphics are fuzzy-fun and enjoyable to watch. If you need help, there is even a man page.

man a7xpg

A7Xpg man page listing command line options and a decent description of the game itself.

Part of the fun involves the enemy variety and intelligence. They can be varied and challenging, so this is not a simple game. Higher stages increase in difficulty.

A7Xpg is available for free from the Ubuntu repository. Search for a7xpg in Synaptic.

Want a quick diversion? Give this little gem a chance to distract you!

Have fun!

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