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Linux Mint 17.3 – Another Great Update

đź“… December 16, 2015
lm173Linux Mint 17.3 was released a few days ago, and after using this new version for a while on a main system, I can say that this is definitely another worthy upgrade.

At first glance following installation, you might wonder, “What’s the difference? It looks the same as before.”

While 17.3 does appear similar to previous versions, 17.3 sports more polish and refinement in little areas as well as more robust operation (apparently). To start with, there is a new set of wallpapers available, and as you use the system over time, the improvements become noticeable.

For example, tweaks have been made throughout the operating system that simplify usage, and certain Nemo freezes (on the Cinnamon version) that I experienced involving SSH and SFTP did not occur in 17.3. It feels as if more time was spent ensuring a polished system.

The default eyecandy is familiar, but this is a good thing since it is a user interface people are already accustomed to. Users can dive in immediately.

Linux Mint 17.3 is a Trusty-based derivation and installs kernel 3.19.0-32, so any Trusty software you already have will work (assuming 32-bit or 64-bit).

As always, time will disclose the reliability of Linux Mint 17.3, but so far, this is certainly one of the best Linux distributions available and quite possibly superior to Ubuntu. Everything from installation to usage to maintenance is easy and hassle-free in Linux Mint, and 17.3 provides even more frustration-free computing. It is no wonder that Linux Mint dominates the Page Hit Ranking score on as the most popular Linux distribution. Linux Mint does things right without getting in the way of using the computer and without annoying the user.

Beyond a doubt, this is the easiest and most enjoyable operating system I have ever used out all operating systems available over the past years, and I would recommend it to those seeking Linux.

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