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Reconfigure Timezone from the Command Line

đź“… October 24, 2016
tzdata2The timezone setting (tzdata) determines how time is displayed on a Linux system. This is specified using a location string, and we can change this string to set a system’s timezone to any timezone on the planet.

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Better PlayStation Video with RGB SCART

đź“… October 15, 2016
ff7-1-ps1-scart-comboYearning to play games on an original PlayStation console but dislike the poor video quality?

Most modern HDTVs available today only offer HDMI and maybe component video inputs — neither of which the PlayStation (PSX/PS1/PSOne) supports.

However, the PSX outputs RGB (red/green/blue) signals through its video output port to produce the best colors and picture quality.

How can we use RGB with today’s HDMI televisions and monitors? This requires two items: a PSX SCART cable and a SCART-to-HDMI converter. With these, we can achieve almost pixel-perfect sharpness and colors from a nearly 20-year-old gaming console.

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Vivaldi – A Superb Web Browser for Linux

đź“… October 11, 2016
vivaldi01What a web browser should be.

Vivaldi is a cross-platform web browser that aims to be “A Browser for Our Friends.

I did not know that the Vivaldi team and I were friends, but, hey, we could be if they continue producing software like this.

I have been using Vivaldi as my primary browser since its beta release, and I have watched it mature into one of the best browsers that I have ever enjoyed using.

Loaded with bells, whistles, customizations, and convenience features galore, Vivaldi impresses. Vivaldi 1.4 stable is the latest version as of the time of this writing. It is free and available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

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