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Let’s Learn JavaScript • Lesson 1 • Introduction

📅 July 13, 2017
Have you ever entered text in a search engine and noticed suggested results appear as you type? That’s JavaScript.

Have you scrolled through a web page of images and observed new images added to the page as you scroll towards the bottom of the page? That’s JavaScript.


Have you watched forms display a red border or error message as you finished entering a credit card number? That’s more JavaScript.

Have you ever thrown up your hands in anger as annoying popups littered your desktop with mind-jarring, blinking ads accompanied by new browser windows that expand to fullscreen in order to advertise an online survey? That, too, is JavaScript.

JavaScript is a programming language that produces dynamic web pages. If you have ever wanted to learn how to perform this mysterious magic in JavaScript, then here is the first lesson that introduces the background of this fun language.

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