Relive the 80’s BurgerTime with BurgerSpace

June 20, 2012
The Ubuntu repository contains an interesting collection of games to pass the time. After all, a quick game is an excellent diversion for the mind after lengthy programming sessions.

One such game is BurgerSpace, a clone of the classic arcade game BurgerTime made in 1982 by Data East.

If you have ever played BurgerTime, then you will feel at home with BurgerSpace. The graphics are similar, and the gameplay is the same.

In repulsively appalling food preparation conditions, you must make the chef (dressed in clean, white apparel) walk over the food in order to build burgers. But oh, well. The customers will never know, right? Complete four burgers to progress to the next stage.

Bad guys take the form of food that chases our unhygienic chef throughout the stage. However, our chef can combat the baddies by seasoning them with pepper (five available) or crushing them between slabs of falling ingredients that become part of the final burger. (Again, the customer will never know.)

Controls are fluid. The arrow keys move the chef, and the Control key unleashes pepper sprinkles for self defense. Something to note is that the game pauses automatically when the mouse cursor leaves the BurgerSpace window.

BurgerSpace is best suited for short amusement breaks, so if you are looking for a quickie game to relive the past, give BurgerSpace a try. It’s free for installation from the Ubuntu repository, surprisingly faithful to the original arcade game, and occupies only a few kilobytes of hard drive space.


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