Asciijump – The Ski-jumping Terminal Game

📅 April 6, 2015
aj01Do you sometimes have the sudden urge to ski jump while at the command line? Linux has you covered!

The Ubuntu repository is filled with remarkable programs, and one such program is asciijump — an animated ASCII-art rendered ski-jumping mini-game that plays from within a terminal.


First, install asciijump using Synaptic or the command line.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install asciijump


Then, type asciijump to start the program.


You will be greeted with a menu from which you select the mode of play.


asciijump’s main menu. Choose World Cup, Training, or join a multiplayer network game.

A built-in help page is included that shows which keys control the ski-jumping ASCII man.


It’s hard to get lost with asciijump, but the included help page lends a polished touch. If this is not enough, then there is also a man page: man asciijump.


The game is simple. Move left or right with the arrow keys to control the speed of the skiier and press Enter to jump at the right time. Your score will be shown at the end based upon how well you perform.


Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Down he goes! Look at the speed! The form! The grace! Everything is animated — including the falling snow in the background.


Uh-oh! The poor ski-jumper crashed and died a grisly death. The snow glowed a crimson red, and spectators were still recovering his body parts days later.

You can even choose the location, which alters the terrain somewhat.


Choices. Choices. Different locations offer various challenges.


Success! It took a few tries, but this attempt landed safely. The trick is to gather enough speed, jump at the best moment, and then move the left and right arrow keys while in midair for the best landing.


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