Make Your Terminal Burn with aafire

📅 March 28, 2016
aafire1Are you seeking a curious program that does nothing except add a cool factor to your terminal?

You are? Great!

Try aafire – a program that displays ASCII art flames.


aafire is actually a demo program that shows what is possible with the aalib ASCII art library. We need to install libaa-bin.

sudo apt-get install libaa-bin

On my system, all other dependencies were already present, but if you encounter more requirements, go ahead and install them too.

Burn! Burn! Burn!

In a terminal, enter aafire at the command prompt.


A second terminal opens. Animated ASCII art flames appear at the bottom and burn from an inexhaustible source of fuel — your electricity.

The flames give the illusion of a burning fire in black and white grayscale — no colored flames. Press any key to exit.

Enjoy the greatness!



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