SweetFX – Explosion

007Explosion is a SweetFX effect that scatters pixels. And by pixels, that means all pixels, including any text, HUD, or life bars. This produces a fuzzy image that appears as if it is being viewed through a frosted glass window.

Enabling Explosion

Set the effect to 1 in SweetFX_settings.txt.

//[0 or 1] Explosion : Scatters the pixels, making the image look fuzzy.

Explosion Settings

In SweetFX_settings.txt, There is only one setting that controls the explosion intensity.

 / Explosion settings /
#define Explosion_Radius 2.5 //[0.2 to 100.0] Amount of effect you want.

Explosion_Radius determines the intensity of the effect from 0.2 to 100.0.

  0.2 = Least effect, closer to original image
100.0 = Highest fuzziness
  2.5 = Default

This is another effect where “a little bit goes a long way.” Any Explosion_Radius above 25 tends to look alike. Above 25, the image choice becomes, “What is this? Make it more fuzzy” and “What is this? Make it even more fuzzy.” Smaller values tend to have better fuzzy distinctions.


Below are screenshots from the game Fallout: New Vegas that demonstrate the Explosion effect.

001 Default

Explosion 001

Explosion 001

#define Explosion_Radius 2.5 // default

002 Maximum 100.0

Explosion 002

Explosion 002

#define Explosion_Radius 100


Explosion 003

Explosion 003

#define Explosion_Radius 1.0


Explosion 004

Explosion 004

#define Explosion_Radius 0.5


Explosion 005

Explosion 005

#define Explosion_Radius 5.0


Explosion 006

Explosion 006

#define Explosion_Radius 10.0


Explosion 007

Explosion 007

#define Explosion_Radius 25.0


Explosion 008

Explosion 008

#define Explosion_Radius 50.0

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